Some techinal adobe programs of which I mastered fully , bla bla bla. All you need I can create.

"Making complex design & brand strategy. Simple, clear and understandable for you"


Oh yeah, almost forgot to introduce myself better.

As I already mentioned my name is Monischa,
I am currently following my final year of education at the media college in Amsterdam. As you might have guessed to become a graphic designer.

I like dogs, own a white shepherd. Love to eat and make healthy and nutritious food. I travel a lot, play Rugby for the All-blues. I'm a bookworm, read a lot on knowledge, sales, self-discipline, NLP, spiritualism, and much more. Most people describe me as independent, driven, passionate, and dynamic. I think they're nice but they make me sound full of it. I'm just me.

That was it for now.
I hope that based on my small rant and portfolio website, you'll consider allowing me to personally introduce myself. So we can have some coffee or tea whichever you prefer, cause, to be honest, this conversation was getting a bit one-sided...

IF..however, there is nothing I can help you with, please consider hitting my inbox anyway. I'd love to hear your take on life, what brought you here, and what caught your eye. Helps to improve my customer service to help people just like you find what they're looking for.

PS. If you need anything.
Anything at ALL. I'm just a text, call, e-mail away. I'd love to give tips, advice, or look at the situation together. It is such a positive satisfaction to share knowledge and inspiration to help more people grow. That and I don't bite.
Only when playing rugby...KIDDING. or am I?


19, Not Giving location street,
2309 SE, The Netherlands.
Message me on whatsapp, let's meet.


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E-mailing is also​ possible, usual reply within 12 hrs.

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